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Our Mission

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home

At Resq Cats, we endeavour to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned cats, and help them transition from neglected to loved. For those that we are not able to take in to our homes, we provide food and some medication to the stray colonies that survive on the streets.

Our small team of volunteers is always working hard against the regular issues of abandonment, abuse and illness in cats and our work to transition them to new family is a tough but rewarding one.

We look forward to hearing from and working with you to help re-home these amazing creatures.

Buttercup (post adoption).jpeg
Roger 1.jpeg



“We were a bit nervous adopting from abroad, but the volunteers were really helpful and kept in touch the whole time. Now Buttercup is with us and she's been such a lovely addition to our family of two.”

"Adopting from Resq team was the best decision I made. They sent me photos and videos of Roger during the whole process and I felt like I knew him before we even met! 

Jo | London

Curnow | London




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